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in Fairfield
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Guests and Friends

Michael has a saying when you come to the Hilltop House, “You come here as strangers and leave as friends.” And this is so true!  I’m honored to meet an incredible lady who has become my ‘sister from another mother’ during her stays with us. She leaves this week to begin her new life permanently in North Western PA – the life of a commuter and being away from her husband is finally done.

“You come here as strangers and leave as friends.” Michael McCabe, Hilltop House Bed & Breakfast

I’m happy for her of course, she’s finally going to be settled into her new home, has a great new job waiting, and will get to spend much more time with her husband and kitties. But, I’m sad too that she will be gone, its been such a pleasure getting to know her and have her with us! I can’t wait to visit her in her new home, and its only a short 2 hours away!

And…. there’s a fishing pond – BONUS! 🙂

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