Bed and Breakfast
in Fairfield
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China, Crystal & Silver

The guests are gone, beds are stripped and remade, the bath is scoured and clean.  And the dishes are done.

I didn’t start out serving my guests on china, antique crystal and my grandmother’s silver. But it wasn’t long before I asked myself why not? My guests are so special, all of them, they deserve to be treated as special when served breakfast! 

Sure, it adds to the work, but it is so worth it. After the meal, I get to take my coffee, in Nichole’s China, and go sit and relax after the meal while the guests go back to their rooms to ready themselves for their day. Then, I get to hand wash each piece and lovingly dry them. Running my hands across each handle, stem, cup and devine piece of heavy silver. I love handling my antiques, and while the china I use for the guests isn’t antique yet, its still really special.

Then each is put away or laid out for the next breakfast. And I get the pleasure of doing it all over again. Happy sigh…

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