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Always shake off the flowers…

Always shake off the flowers…

Kathy's Wild Garden

Kathy’s Wild Garden

I’m enjoying a few quiet moments to myself on the patio. Michael is working today as it is the first day of the National Professional Development Symposium at the National Fire Academy and the day will be filled with meetings, and greetings for him, and our last guest just left on the continuation of her journey.

I’ve decided that long term guests – or I would think of anything longer than 3 days (probably not accurate in the hotel industry) – become like family. Our last guest stayed 4 nights, and in that short amount of time Michael said I turned into a Mother Hen…. I probably did.

I made sure she had her fruit every morning – she didn’t eat cereal and didn’t want a hot breakfast – I asked about her day, worried if she was late getting ‘home’, I made sure she had all she needed…. Yes… I did turn into a Mother Hen.

I’m not worried about that, I know it’s in my nature to coddle my guests, whether they are family or just beginning to feel like family. So, it’s all good.  She told me this morning that I was the Hostess with the Mostest… That made me feel so good – means I’m doing it right. 🙂

Now, I just need to get to the hardware store to buy ant traps for my kitchen since I forgot to shake the ants out of the flowers when I brought them into the house…. Ugh..

Always shake off the flowers!!

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